Saturday, 25 September 2010

Canada Trip Day 15: Notre-Dame de Québec Cathedral

27 June 2010 -We actually visited the cathedral before heading to the Museum of French America but mass was still running. So, we did a more detailed tour after our visit to the museum.

What's most spectacular about the Cathedral-minor basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec (Our Lady of Quebec City) is its impressive golden baldaquin structure which hover over the altar. It is difficult to take your eyes off it because of its blazing gold colour, its size over the altar and the rich decoration of angels and stalks reaching up to join at the top where a figurine of Jesus holding his wooden cross stands. Not to mention the decoration over the bishop's throne. Like many cathedrals or basilicas around the world, the rich artistic adornments generously covered the building's interior walls.

"... resulting in the finest Neo-classic façade in Québec. Today's cathedral is richly decorated with impressive works of art: baldaquin, canopy, episcopal throne dais, stained glass windows, paintings, and chancel lamp (a gift of Louis XIV)." - Quebec Cathedral
Some of these photos are taken by Sakana.

Notre-Dame de Québec Cathedral

Holy water stoup

Stained glass windows

Golden sculpture of Saint Joseph carrying Baby Jesus

Mass was still running in the church

Richly decorated pillars and walls, statues and figurines, windows and altar

Impressively decorated baldaquin that mesmerises its visitors

Close-up of the baldaquin

Decorated ceilings with paintings

Crown of the baldaquin with a Jesus figurine standing on IHS Christogram which means
Iesus Hominum Salvator ("Jesus, Savior of men" in Latin)

Golden figurines of Mother Mary with angels on her side

Church Tabernacle where the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist is kept

View of the baldaquin from the far end of the aisle

Symbol found in the church, perhaps signifying Bishop Francois de Montmorency-Laval and a heavily decorated crown of the bishop's throne

Ornamental roof of cathedra or bishop's throne (something like a kathisma) attached to the wall

Entrance of the church

Pipe organ

Prayer altar

Prayer altar

Candles lit along with said prayers

Tomb of François de Laval

Sculpture of Jesus

Banners of praise and worship

Right outside the church, a street performer is demonstrating some tricks at the park

Street performer

Side view of Notre-Dame de Québec Cathedral

Stone carvings at the side of Notre-Dame de Québec Cathedral

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