Saturday, 11 September 2010

Canada Trip Day 12: White Water Walk, Niagara Falls

24 June 2010 - We took the Peoplemover Bus to get to the White Water Walk. There, we went on a long boardwalk along Niagara River's Whirlpool Rapids to see Category 6 white water rapids. Category 6 rapids have extremely steep vertical drops and boulders which makes successful maneuver almost impossible. The White Water Walk is located along Niagara River just before the whirlpool.
"The Whirlpool Rapids consist of 4 kilometers of 3-5 meter standing waves, making this stretch of whitewater the largest/finest series of standing waves in North America. These standing waves are thought to be caused not by rock obstructions on the bottom of the river, which is probably swept clean here, but by the sheer force (volume and speed) of the water being forced through the narrowing of the gorge at this point.
From here the water races into a part of the river called the Eddy Basin, which in turn opens out into the Whirlpool." -
We took an elevator that traveled 73m underground and walked through access tunnel to get to the boardwalk. Though the boardwalk was long, it was enjoyable as we watched how marvelous the huge, relentless and powerful waves slosh along the river. The view of the Niagara Gorge was beautiful on a hot, summer day with clear blue skies.

Despite the violent waters, it still looked so inviting and fun, which is probably why some people have died throwing daredevil stunts of crossing these rapids.

Queuing for White Water Walk

Buddhist temple right across White Water Walk

Going through the access tunnel

Niagara Gorge and River

One of the world's finest Class 6 rapids

Check out the power and size of these waves

White Water Walk and Whirlpool Bridge

Nice flat cascading river bed structure of Niagara River

Snake with brown patches at White Water Walk

Tourists taking pictures of the snake

Stone wall covered with chewing gum

Long boardwalk

Viewing platform at White Water Walk

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