Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Canada Trip Day 12: Oakes Garden Theatre & Last Walk along Niagara River

24 June 2010 - We took some pictures at the Oakes Garden Theatre before taking our last walk along Niagara River to our hostel.

By this time, the garden was deserted which was nice since we had the entire place all to ourselves. The garden theatre was built in 1936, originally as an amphitheatre. From the garden, you can catch amazing views of the American and Horseshoe Falls.
"Oakes Garden Theatre is a highly decorative Beaux Arts landscape, including classical and picturesque elements, with the central point a grass Greco-Roman amphitheatre surrounded by a limestone staircase, and features fountains, urns, statuary and sculptured bas-relief panels and medallions." -
The long walk to the hostel was refreshing and rather nostalgic despite having two short days in Niagara Falls. I felt a little sad having to leave this city of natural wonders especially after having visited several of its unforgettable attractions. As the sun was setting, it casted a nice crimson effect in the reflection of the Niagara Gorge on the calmly flowing river.

Fan-shaped Oakes Garden Theatre with attached pergolas

Stone-covered part of the garden

Garden Benches under cuboid-shaped trees

Fountain at the Oakes Garden Theatre

Prettily landscaped flower bushes and well-kept lawn

Oakes Garden Theatre

Our last walk along Niagara River

Stone ruins along Niagara Gorge casting a reflection on the river

Some flowers along the way

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