Thursday, 23 September 2010

Canada Trip Day 14: Hosteling International - Quebec City

A perfect place to stay for modest travelers in Quebec City is the Auberge Internationale de Québec, which is located in the heart of this beautiful and romantic city. It is just two minutes walk down the hill to one of the main shopping streets in Quebec City, Rue Saint Jean.

Each shared room cost about CAN$28 for each person a night, excluding tax. Facilities provided by the hostel includes free WI-FI, free breakfast, free linen, laundry, self-catering kitchen, lockers, luggage storage, laundry, phone, cafe, computer room and TV room. Phone cards are on sale in the hostels, which can be used on any public telephone and we found them to be more economical than purchasing a SIM card, which can cost up to CAN$80 for just the card alone.

The hostel looked like a school with its orientation of rooms and there is a locker room along the corridor from the lobby. There's also a theatre where talks or other activities are held. There's a pool table and a ping pong table in the theatre as well.

All photos taken by Sakana.

Auberge Internationale de Québec

Reception counter where phone cards can also be purchased

Corridor from the lobby to other rooms. Tour activity brochures are displayed on shelves along this corridor.

TV room

Sitting area

Locker room next to the phone booths

Pool table in the theatre

4-bed female dormitary room. I took the bottom bunk, while sis took the top.

Patio right in the middle of the hostel. It is quite audible when people talk at the patio, making it quite difficult to sleep.

Me figuring out the places on the map with Lonely Planet

We are not to shower from 1pm to 3pm and 11pm to 7am. The former is due to cleaning and the latter, perhaps to reduce noise?

Ping pong table at the back of the theatre

Kitchen staff busy preparing breakfast for us

Kitchen counter with activity/menu boards hung on the walls

Dining Area

Dining area with fussball table

Self-catering kitchen

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