Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Canada Trip Day 12: Clifton Hill & Dinner at Kelsey's

24 June 2010 - Street of Fun at Niagara Falls is Clifton Hill where buildings are dressed in fancy themes. The street is teeming with tourists out for entertainment, shopping or a good meal. There are 4D cinema screens, wax museums, arcades and amusement parks, haunted houses, ice cream parlours, viewing towers and casinos.

The walk up Clifton Hill felt like the entire area itself is like massive theme park. I found the exhibitions at the Ripley's Museum interesting and they were making personalised wax hand models of their customers' that come in a variety of colours.

We went scouting for souvenir shops and a nice place to take dinner. I found something really exquisite at the Canada Trading Company. It was a turning musical box of the Little Mermaid! It was something I have always been searching. It was really pretty but, it cost about CAN$80. In the end, I had to tear myself away from the glass cabinet where it was kept because I had already bought a snow globe musical box of a family of bears at Whistler, costing about CAN$50.

Kelsey's was celebrating 30 years of wings this year and its food menu looked irresistible! Our dinner there was absolutely heavenly! We ordered buffalo wings with Guinness® Barbecue flavour.  I remember ordering the Blue Cheese Sirloin or maybe Beef Burger and my sister ordered Spaghetti with Cheese Baked Chicken. We couldn't help but ordered the Four Cheese Spinach Dip, which we heard so much about from our cousin as a  popular Canadian snack. The dip is served with some sort of fried bread slices that are cut in triangular shape. Do check out Kelsey's mouth-watering menu here. We were struggling to finish the food by the third quarter of our dinner. The dip and the wings were extremely delicious. So were the burger and pasta! It was a fantastic last dinner at Niagara Falls before we leave for Toronto the next day.

Arcade at Clifton Hill

Dracula's Haunted Castle

Entrance to The Fudge Factory

The Fudge Factory selling candies and chocolates of many flavours

Boston Pizza and Niagara Sky Wheel

We had ice cream from this parlour and it was just perfect on such a hot day as this.

King Kong on fallen building of Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum

Canada Trading Company sells many beautiful musical boxes.

"Toy Angel" by Robert Bradford of Cornwall, UK who hates to see thrown toys go to waste

"Toy Angel" is 6 feet 6 inches tall and is put together from all sorts of items

Made from various autoparts, Simon Blades of Italy piece together an artwork inspired by Terminator

John Schwarz of Michigan, USA made his own version of Medusa from recycled materials

House of Frankenstein next to Burger King

Kelsey's along Clifton Hill

Open-wall concept of Kelsey's

Four Cheese Spinach Dip

The most delicious buffalo wings with Guinness® Barbecue flavour

Blue Cheese Beef Burger

Spaghetti with Cheese Baked Chicken

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