Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Isle of Skye with S'porean Mates

Back in my uni days, I travelled quite a bit with my Singaporean house mates and their friends. I dugged up some old photos which were taken by them. I owned a film camera then while they had digital ones.

I love these two pictures. One is a ruin of Urquhart Castle by the Loch Ness and the other is of an ancient burial ground called Clava Cairns. This was in the year 2002.

As Yellow as a Simpson

As part of an activity for Project Revival held on last Friday, each SG had to go to the "gerai-gerai" stadium to get food for sungkai by teams.

Being a committee member of the project, I was put with SG C to oversee that the team did alright. We were buying nasi lemak at a stall when someone went, "Ambil gambar orang atu yang bajunya really kuning!".

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Project Revival

We recently conducted our Project Revival: Changing the world with our hearts at the Game Village. It was our third community service project with the collection of funds for the orphans and the participation in the D'Other Office's Charity Sale as the first two.

This project was named as the BPYs are trying to help youth who faced trouble to pick themselves up and encourage them to be strong within our society, befitting not just in the revival of these youths but, also in the revival of the original mentoring project by JAPEM that has come to halt due to insufficient volunteers. During our first meet, our objective was to establish a good relationship with these youths. The picture below is showing a girl painting a raw egg which she will have to carry around throughout the duration of the session.

More details and photos of Project Revival is found here.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Ramadhan Picture by Ahim Rani

A colleague showed me a series of beautiful photos of Ramadhan from around the world and I was surprised to find an entry by Brunei's very own and very popular, Ahim Rani.

So, here goes ...

"An officer of Brunei's Islamic authority looks through a telescope as he performs "rukyah", the sighting of the new moon for Ramadan, over the skies of Bukit Agok outside Bandar Seri Begawan August 31, 2008. Muslims scan the sky at dusk at the end of their lunar calendar's eighth month in search of the new moon to proclaim the beginning of Ramadan. (REUTERS/Ahim Rani) "

The image was taken from the original article entitled "Observing Ramadhan" by Alan Taylor. The article features a beautiful, interesting and colourful collection of pictures about Ramadhan. While many muslims in the world have faced much discrimination, oppression and distress, it is truly heart-warming to see peace in some of these pictures within the muslim community.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Adorned With Attention

The BPYs had a sungkai dinner with Haji Zainal. There was an adorable little boy who was initially shy but warmed up immediately when the camera flashes let loose on him.

On a different note, I've finished editing a batch of pictures for our contingent profile book. And, the last few is to come tomorrow before we have a preview of the photos on Monday.