Thursday, 2 September 2010

Pilong Rocks (Pelong Rocks or Pulau Pilong-Pilongan), Brunei Muara

This is a really old post which I dug out from somewhere. A few years ago, I was out at sea with my sister and her group of diving friends. I had been asked if I wanted to tag along and I quite fancied snorkeling, then having forgotten how to scuba dive and not having an updated diving license. The boat had stopped by Pilong Rocks, which I have heard stories of sea snakes from my father since I was a little child. There was always that certain sense of mystery when he told of his misadventures at this tiny island. I suppose it is also the legend behind Pilong Rocks.

The sea surrounding this island is quite rough and not having a proper pier made it harder for the boat to stay at bay. We literally had to time ourselves properly to jump and I think the boat suffered some damaged as it brushed against the concrete pier.

I got especially sunburned that day but had an awesome time on the island. As it isa protected area and we could get into real trouble for trespassing, as stated on the huge red sign by the concrete pier, I made sure that I do not cause any humanly trouble. I was somewhat worried as we should not be there in the first place.

I have to say, this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen in Brunei. The waterfalls in Temburong were magical but this place had its own special magic as well. Unfortunately, on one particular shore with rocks sheltering it from the sea to form some sort of a lagoon were this beach covered with dead corals. While all these pearly white dead corals seem pretty as it span across the tiny beach, looking at them makes me feel sad. I don't think dead corals are natural but then again, I lack knowledge about marine life.

Pilong Rocks (Pulau Pilong-Pilongan) from a distance

"No trespassing" sign

Rocks separating the sea from the beach, creating a little lagoon area

Like a nice lagoon area and beyond where the vegetation are were dead corals which also covered the sea bed.

Metal ladder which we can climb up to some sort of a tower

Steel tower on Pilong Rocks (Pulau Pilong-Pilongan)

View of the sea and the other side of the island from the tower

Me reading a story to a friend

Someone was fishing. Many people fish or scuba dive around this area.

Our boatman, a skilled scuba diver, caught a small fish

View of Brunei shore from Pilong Rocks

Barnacle-covered rocks of Pilong Rocks

Shoal of small fishes in the water

Pilong Rocks is an island of rocks, massive rocks all piled in all sorts of ways

A trail of rocks in Pilong Rocks

More barnacles on the rocks

Coral rock (Pilong Rocks)

Loads of dead corals

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