Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Beautiful spring at UoN with pink blossoms

Just coming out of the school building at Jubilee Campus, I was amazed by how good the weather looked. Nice sky, green grass and weed flowers bloomed.
Walking to Exchange Building to catch a bus, Jubilee Campus

I took the King's Meadow bus as the usual 903 bus took another 10 minutes of waiting. I was dropped off at the Portland Hill stop just before the Library stop. From there, I began my walk back to BGP when I noticed the lovely pink blossoms on the trees that darted across the hill behind Portland building. I have not noticed them before despite the few years I have been here! Absolutely beautiful view of pink blossoms, blue sky and cotton white, puffy clouds.

Pink blossoms on Uni Park, UoN
Trees with pink blossoms darted across Portland Hill
Huge green field by Trent Building, Uni Park. This was taken on a separate occasion
This was taken on 6th May, the day I passed my viva. I was walking back to
BGP from JC and the flowers at the North Entrance had just blossomed. 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Tanhausser at the Royal Opera House

Jan 2011
Royal Opera House, London

I have always wanted to go watch an opera and was thrilled when C expressed interest to go. We decided to go for Tanhausser by Wagner. My colleague had driven us down to London and we had found free parking at a less busy area, about 10 minutes walk to Convent Garden. I was initially a little worried I was underdressed, thinking people were going to be dressed posh and all. It turned out to be a pretty relaxed environment other than everyone is a stranger to me. Once my discomfort of being surrounded by a large crowd of strangers is pushed aside, everything else was alright. The performance was tremendous and kept me mesmerised throughout the whole show! By the end of it, I was very happy to have watched an opera and have developed an appreciation for Wagner's work. This was a very interesting cultural experience for myself.

Interval  time at the Paul Hamlyn Hall

Cast of Tanhausser

Different area in the opera house

Elaborate decoration on each tier

Friday, 11 April 2014

Dim Sum at University of Nottingham

I get excited whenever my colleague J suggests dim sum for lunch. Yum!

What is amazing about the University of Nottingham is the diversity of cuisine at the various in-campus eating outlets particularly Portland Building at University Campus. Without surprise, this is largely due to the many international students that study here.

When I was first brought here by a colleague, I was so impressed to find a dim sum place at the centre of a British university. On the other side of the food court, you find Jamaican food as well others!

Thanks to Man's Gourmet at Portland Building, whenever I crave for something from home like dim sum and Malaysian curry, it is only a short bus-ride away. While the dim sum at Mandarin Restaurant (at city centre) is still the best I have ever tasted in UK, the  Man's Gourmet is a short distance to my office.

Lunch-time queues are always long at Man's Gourmet

Dim sum (lo ma kai, cha siao pao, ha kao, siew mai) for £6, served with some stir fry pak choi.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Porthmadog, Wales

Last autumn, October 2013, a friend and I visited Porthmadog in Wales where the view of the estuary looking out to sea was simply lovely. We spent a considerable time wondering along Britannia Terrace which is a short walk to the town centre. One big attraction is the steam train which still runs along the railway on the right of the picture.

View from Britannia Terrace with rail for steam train on right and marshes on left side.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

One way to get more UMPH!


I got to visit Devon recently in April 2014. It was a memorable trip, nostalgic as I am a few months away from returning. As the trip was done a few weeks before Easter, I was able to enjoy my time thoroughly, avoiding the hustle and bustle from the influx of Easter-time tourist.

The walk to Hope's Nose from Haytor Hotel was refreshing. I started the walk after breakfast so I pretty much have the whole of the cliff to myself apart from the odd visitor. And how lucky it was to have the lovely blue sky which revealed the lovely turquoise waters around the cliff area.

Hope's Nose, Torquay, Devon