Sunday, 9 August 2015

A rectangular table with 1 leg

For a large rectangular table to function, it requires enough legs.

It could still somewhat function with 3.

But, some people do not understand the importance of having enough legs yet, fancy tables they are always asking for! O_o

Alas, it is a table miraculously balanced on one leg, but with the most beautifully embellished tablecloth. When is it going to topple, well, I dont know.

Destructive Us

It is hard to stomach how Earth is so beautiful but my very existence (to enjoy her beauty) poses an imminent destruction to her.

Pomelo flowers

Mum caught sight of pomelo flowers as we were entering the driveway. I have never seen the flowers though we occasionally consume the fruit. So, now I have. :)

Pollinated pomelo flower soon to bear fruit

Pomelo flowers, buds and baby fruit

Baby pomelo fruit

Pomelo fruits and large leaves