Thursday, 16 September 2010

Canada Trip Day 13: Leaving Niagara and visiting Scotiabank IMAX Theatre & HoSo Bistro (Korean & Japanese Restaurant)

25 June 2010 - What I love about this part of the trip is my first time to watch an IMAX 3D movie at the Scotiabank Theatre Toronto, just around the corner of Canadiana Backpackers Inn. We watched Shrek 3 and absolutely enjoyed the amazing IMAX 3D movie experience. Before the movie started, a short and very interesting introduction to IMAX 3D was shown, which included a bit of a laser light show. Using spotlights, they pointed out the many different types of speakers that are placed behind the screens and around the theatre. Another fun fact we learned from the introduction is that IMAX is actually Canadian! We often associate Hollywood, famous movies and songs with the USA but we actually learned from our trip that a lot of world-famous celebrities are Canadians.

Walking towards the Niagara Falls Bus Terminal at Bridge Street

Abandoned Hotel Europa located opposite the Niagara Falls Bus Terminal at Bridge Street

We waited long for the bus. It seemed to have experience some holdup at its previous stop. As it was aligning itself next to the curb, the side mirror actually knocked onto this guy with the sunglasses. Thank God, he was not hurt but the incident left those who witnessed a little shocked.

Toronto Scotiabank Theatre. Photo by Sakana

Monitor showing movie times at Scotiabank Theatre

Long stairway leading to the snack bars.

Hallway to the snack bars, cinemas, lounge and arcade

Lounge with a nice city view

Snack bars

Nice comfy seats at the lounge

Man seated at the counter of the lounge reading

View of an old building through the glass walls at the lounge. Photo by Sakana

Game arcade at the Scotiabank Theatre

Us wearing the special polarised glasses. Photo by Sakana

After the movie, we had supper at Hosu Bistro which serves both Korean and Japanese food. It is located at Queen Street, which is the next street of Richmond Street where the theatre is. Photo by Sakana.

The restaurant was crowded with people. Photo by Sakana.

We had some steam peas and Korean side dishes. Photo by Sakana.

Some unagi (eel) sushi roll with cucumber.
Photo by Sakana.

Soup Udon with vegetables.
Photo by Sakana.

Futo Maki with carrot, spinach, egg and japanese pumpkin.
Photo by Sakana.

Japanese art pieces. Photo by Sakana.

Long Japanese food bar. Photo by Sakana.

Japanese cartoon painting at Hosu Bistro. Photo by Sakana.

Bar at Hosu Bistro. Photo by Sakana.

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