Friday, 10 September 2010

Canada Trip Day 12: Journey Behind The Falls, Niagara Falls

24 June 2010 - Journey Behind The Falls is another one great Niagara Falls experience. This is probably the closest we got to the falls and to watch the monstrosity of Horseshoe Falls with one-fifth of the world's fresh water pouring into the basin is such a fulfilling feeling beyond my vocabulary of English to describe.We traveled 38 metres into the ground using an elevator. And, via the tunnels, we arrived at the viewing portals where we can see the behind and the side of the falls. It felt like a rainstorm the moment we got out of the shelter. Indeed, it was awe-inspiring as mentioned by the Niagara Parks.
Viewing portal with shelter at the side of the Horseshoe Falls

Diagram of the falls, elevators, tunnels and viewing portals. Photo by Sakana

Sign showing direction of viewing portals. Photo by Sakana

People walking in the tunnel

Poster about Roger Woodward who accidentally fell over the falls and survived in 1960. Photo by Sakana

Signboard detailing Cataract Portal. Apparently, the pool at the foot of the fall, Maid of the Mist Pool is as deep as the height of the fall. Photo by Sakana

Viewing portal of the back of the falls. All that white is actually the crashing waters of the falls.

Horseshoe Falls is eroding 30 cm every 10 years. Photo by Sakana

Signboard showing how Lake Erie is connected to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Photo by Sakana

The underground tunnel behind the falls stretches as long as 200 metres in the ground. Photo by Sakana

Visitors under the shelter at a viewing portal. Everything gets wet here. Photo by Sakana

Visitors in yellow raincoats at the observation deck attempting to take pictures in the wetness. It must be a perpetual rainstorm out here. Photo by Sakana

View of the Horseshoe Falls and the shelter at a viewing portal

Portrait side shot of Horseshoe Fall. Photo by Sakana

Horseshoe Falls from the side

View of Horseshoe Falls and tourists at the observation deck from under my raincoat

Mum and sis at the observation deck of Journey Behind the Falls

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