Sunday, 19 September 2010

Canada Trip Day 14: Quebec City, Canada's Europe

26 June 2010 - Our next city, Quebec City, is a unique Canadian city that looks European with its cobbled streets and centuries old city walls. French is the common language used here, both in speech, street names and building names.

I am happy that much of the old buildings have been retained because I find Quebec City a very romantic and pretty city. It is simply beautiful to watch as we walked along streets admiring the centuries old architecture of buildings and monuments. Quebec City is hilly, so it was quite some exercise having to climb up the slopes of streets.

There are street performers at the parks where passers-by would stop and crowd around them to watch their performance. There is Rue du Trésor, a narrow street where many wonderful art pieces covered the walls on both sides of the street for sale. These art work belongs to Canadian artists and the art themselves are unique to the artists' personal style.

The people in Quebec City are very friendly. We got accustomed to greeting people with a simple "Bonjour" although we struggled with the French that came right after. Not being able to speak French in Quebec City is not a problem as many people here can speak both French and English.

All photos are taken by Sakana.

View of Quebec City and Saint Lawrence River

Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport

Poster about child violence (L'enfance, pas la violence - Children, not violence)

Our taxi driver speak little English and we are trying to explain to him the location of our hostel

Porte Saint Louis from Rue Saint Jean Pietonne

Lovely and romantic European-looking buildings

Le Capitole de Quebec has a hotel, restaurant and theatre

We were so hungry and did not want to walk too far in the cold. So, we dined at Le Capitole de Quebec's restaurant. Please check their menu here.

Most of the seats outside were taken. We opted to sit inside where it is quiet and private.

Scallop soup which my sister ordered as part of her set menu

Carpaccio di manzo al limone. I love beef carpaccio!

I cannot remember exactly this dish which my sister ordered. I think it was veal with spaghetti.

Risotto ai funghi di bosco. My mushroom risotto was delicious!

Mum had the Risotto ai barolo, risotto with italian sausage

Crema bruciata, crème brûlée

Right opposite the restaurant, the view of Saint Louis gate and its old city walls against the moonlit sky was spectacular.

Saint Louis gate tower

Chemin Royal plaque on the wall of Porte Saint Louis

Rue Saint Jean

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