Thursday, 9 September 2010

Canada Trip Day 12: Views of Horseshoe Falls from Table Rock, Niagara Falls

24 June 2010 - Today, we headed to the Table Rock Complex (Wikipedia) to see two attractions, Journey Behind The Falls and Niagara's Fury. We started early in the morning at about 8am, walking along River Road again. We passed the Niagara Falls Aviary: Birds Kingdom which was somewhere before we passed Rainbow Bridge.

As we were approaching Table Rock right above the Ontario Power Company Generating Station, the view of Horseshoe Falls was just spectacular, so much so that I stopped paying attention to whatever else around but glued my eyes to the changing views of the beautiful Horseshoe Falls.

At the observation deck, we could get so close to the rushing waters of Horseshoe Falls as it tipped over the brink of the falls. It almost felt like I could reach my hands out and touch the waters. The dark green waters that turned to strands of frothy white as they plunged into the misty clouds. The thundering sounds of rushing water that drowned the presence of other visitors. I watched, mesmerised and awed by this massive natural wonder.

Niagara Falls Aviary: Birds Kingdom

Mum got excited when we passed by this apple pomegranate (as corrected by my housemate) tree

Skylon Tower, Niagara Falls, Canada

Map showing Table Rock, which is far north

Water truck cleaning the roads

Toronto Power Generating Station, very European-looking building - Wikipedia calls it Beaux-Arts style, retired in 1973 is located at the back of the falls. 10 storeys underground, there is actually a tunnel that connects to the station and juts out right behind the falls. Check out this article for photos of the tunnel inside Niagara. And there is another tunnel in Niagara, the tailrace tunnel of the William B. Rankine Generating Station, the article found here.

Horseshoe Fall of Niagara. The generating station or tunnel is located somewhere below here.

Portrait view of Horseshoe Falls

Arriving at Table Rock

Getting closer to the falls. Photo by Sakana

Tonnes of water flowing over the edge of the falls

Check out the sheer power of the falls

Horseshoe Fall closeup

The people standing by the observation deck looked so tiny next to the falls

A pipeline running across Niagara River before the falls

Patches of trees in the Niagara River

Tourists enjoying the view of Horseshoe Falls from Table Rock

View of observation deck and Horseshoe Falls

View of Ontario Power Company Generating Station on the left and American Falls on the right from Table Rock. Photo by Sakana

Inside Table Rock Complex were souvenier shops and a foodcourt. Photo by Sakana

Ticket counter for turning the passes into tickets. Photo by Sakana

Japanese food stall. Photo by Sakana

Peoplemover Bus. Photo by Sakana

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