Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Canada Trip Day 15: From Rue Du Tresor to Place-Royale

27 June 2010 - Walking along Rue De Buade by the side of Notre-Dame de Québec, we found Rue Du Tresor, located right next to Auberge du Tresor. Rue du Tresor (meaning Treasure Street) is one street any art lover should visit. Well, anyone should take a walk along this open-air gallery street where fine arts collections painted by local artists are displayed or sold. I bought a 3 by 3 inches abstract painting by Gilbert Plante, which I love very much. DS had thought it was a painting of a fort while JK thought it was of a cat. Its openness to interpretation from what seemed like simple coloured brush strokes is the very reason why I love this painting and prized it as my most unique souvenir during my Canada visit.

We walked down Escalier Charles-Baillargé and then along Côte de la Montagne before we took another flight of stairs down to Place-Royale where the Centre d'interprétation de Place-Royale and Eglise Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church are located.

Place-Royale is an absolutely pretty and romantic-looking square. Being the "cradle of French civilization in America", its uncanny European-looks marvels me with disbelief that this is actually Canada. I love those centuries-old brick walls that covered the buildings, the attic windows, bordered and gridded windows, the gables, the window flower beds and the cobbled roads and squares. They reminded me of illustrations of houses and streets in story books, which I read when I was little. Catching the view of Fleuve Saint-Laurent (Saint Lawrence River) in between these beautiful, historical buildings amidst the square awed me as I hurried to take pictures of the picturesque surrounding.

Some of the photos are taken by Sakana.

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Red building of Auberge du Trésor on Rue Sainte-Anne

Art street with a quaint on Rue du Trésor

Côte de la Montagne

Staircase along Centre d'interprétation de Place-Royale to get to Place-Royale

We were not allowed to take pictures in the other exhibition halls except this one.

It's a whole wardrobe of costumes worn by French Americans during the 17th and 18th century.

Men's wardrobe

Me and mum playing "house" as women of the 17th century.

Abstract painting with Samuel de Champlain's eyes in the 3D theatre. Samuel de Champlain is the founder of Quebec City and is also known as "Father of New France"


Romantic Place-Royale

Place-Royale with view of Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church

Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church

Inside Église Notre-Dame-Des-Victoires with an ex-voto, Brézé, a vessel that
transported the Carignan Regiment and the Marquis de Tracy to Québec City in 1664

Altar of
Église Notre-Dame-Des-Victoires, which was worked by many famous artists.

Little figurine of Saint Joseph with Baby Jesus, heart-shaped stone and gold ornaments decorated the altar

Found at the top of the altar

The main altar in the form of a fortified castle

Mother Mary and Baby Jesus standing on top of the castle

Paintings on the wall, behind Mother Mary

Altar at the side of the church

Centre d'interprétation de Place-Royale building with long vertical banners

Walking along Rue Notre-Dame

Cute black cut-outs of a boy giving flowers to a girl

Walking up or down is part of hilly Quebec City

Mouche a Feu, Boutique Cadeaux on Rue Sous-le-Fort

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