Saturday, 11 September 2010

Canada Trip Day 12: Niagara's Fury, Table Rock Complex

24 June 2010 - Niagara's Fury is a 4D theatre that shows the creation of Niagara Falls from the time of Ice Age. It has a 360 degrees movie screen and is installed with special equipment that turn the theatre alive. The theatre mimics the geological movements and weather conditions by having amazing lighting, temperature changing and sound effects, shaking floors, room filling with mist, water pouring from under the screens and everywhere, snow falling and wind blowing. Visitors are asked to stand in the middle of the theatre throughout the whole 10-minute experience. Special stands are built for visitors to hold on to when the floor shakes. Check out a video of Niagara's Fury here.

Personally, I expected a lot more from this ride but it lacked the fury from the Niagara's attractions I have seen so far. Probably, it is not such a good idea to do Niagara's Fury after Maid of the Mist boat ride and Journey Behind the Falls, since the latter two were so awesome. I thought the screen was too narrow to give a more connected, realistic experience. The ride was also very brief. Just when you are getting warmed up and excited, the theatre doors opened and we were asked to leave. I have to admit though, the effects were really cool, especially the lightning and all that water pouring out of everywhere. I am sad to say that this ride left me walking out of the theatre feeling disappointed.

All photos published in this post are taken by Sakana. Thanks Sakana!

People queuing for Niagara's Fury.

Attention notice to all visitors going on the Niagara's Fury

Everyone was ushered to the centre of the theatre

Visitors in blue rain ponchos waiting for the movie to start

Niagara's Fury when movie is playing

Visitors leaving after the movie ended. Check out the bars for visitors to hold on to

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