Thursday, 28 May 2009

Wet Picnic with Computer Science Students at Muara Beach

The Computer Science students of UBD decided to throw a picnic get-together yesterday. Who would have thought it would rain on such a beautiful day! But, it ain't stopping these young programmers from keeping the fire burning for the food and the stomachs. With the our hearty cheers and joy, we shooed the rain away and turned the beach into our private, dazzling wonderland.

The beach was almost deserted on a weekday. When the sun came, the waters sparkled a lovely azure. All around, the view was unbelievably breathtaking. The green, green grass with the regal green of the casuarinas. We played some beach soccer and had many gone-wrong kicks and bumps which sent us laughing like silly hyenas!

I have much thanks to the wonderful Computer Science students of all four years for such a delightful event.

Barbecuing under umbrellas

No gloom of any weather shall wipe our smiles away

Let the men do the cooking and the woman do the talking

So we can cook as well as we code?

We love chicken wings with tinkles of rainwater!

So, it seemed we were not drenched enough.

Every child loves to get themselves soaked

Those smiles look dangerous

And, the action began

Alternatives when you run out of water balloons

We just had to have a computer screen on the banner

Before bidding farewell, we placed a bit of ourselves on the banner for remembrance.

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