Thursday, 21 May 2009

Meow Meow & Quirky Earrings Collection

Before I left for the airport, CT had to pick her dog up from the vet. So, I was to wait at her place. We didn't managed to go to the new mall at Tampines where I may have been able to catch up with CJ at her new teashop. Having chocolate time at Ben & Jerry's took a lot longer than I expected, hehehehe.

This is CT's cat and he's really pampered, which is so adorable. He kept coming to me so that I'd stroke him on his neck. Cats love that. Hmm.. he reminded me of Gingerly. Oh well...

These are some of CT's collection of quirky and funky earrings. Interestingly, she doesn't wear matching pairs. So, she gave me two earrings, each from different pairs.

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