Thursday, 14 May 2009

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Coffeestall at T2, Changi Airport

Upon arrival at Changi Airport, I decided to visit the bookstore. I had some time to spare as CX was on her way to pick me up.

A big mistake it was for me to purchase books at the airport for the bookstores at Bras Basah and Vivo City were selling them cheaper. I had been misinformed that there would be no tax for shopping upon arrival when it is the other way round!

The lady at the store was kind enough to charge me without tax.

As I was walking out of the arrival hall, there was Ya Kun, much to my surprise! It was not there when I visited Singapore in January. It seems to me that Ya Kun will be taking over the whole of Singapore very soon as its outlets are jutting out from every corner of the country.

I was visiting several shopping complexes and malls this time around. I have to say, I am very much impressed by the enterprising power of Singaporeans. Shops with local brands are popping up at just about anywhere with their own unique creativity in their styles and fashion, many owned by Singaporean youths.

During the trip, I also met up with two of my old uni mates on two separate occasions. I met W right after dinner at Food Republic at Vivo City. I found the interior decor of Food Republic interesting with the vintage Chinese do-up. It felt like being in a old Chinese tavern. It's actually a food court.

It was nostalgic talking to W. It brought me back to our dining room at Birkbeck court. How much we love the Scottish culture! The sweet and virtuous W showed a much bolder side of her which I've never known before when she revealed that she drives a motorbike in Singapore! Amazing!

Later that night, I met CC at White Rabbit at Dempsey. White Rabbit is a beautiful place for a chill-out session. JK would have so love this place. The whiteness, dim lights and candles, gardens and outdoor comfy couches seem rather English with the chapel turned into a posh eatery. In my mind, I fancied the idea of a small, intimate wedding banquet.

The catch-up sessions were fantastic. Everyone I know is doing well and unaffected by the recession. I learned that a old uni mate has opened two tea cafes, TeaDot. Wow! Unfortunately, the rest of my trip quickly got filled with other agenda to miss an opportunity visit to her cafe. Next time, yeah?

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