Thursday, 14 May 2009

Third Visit to Ping Yi Secondary School

After being whiffed away from the airport, my first pit stop was at Ping Yi Secondary School where the other ex-PYs were. It seems to be the common stop for all 2008 PYs who visit Singapore. It is the work place of Singapore YL, Mr R.

I never realised how big his school is until I got lost taking the wrong stairway to his classroom. A teacher was kind to lead me to the right classroom.

Here we are at the green house, observing the students' project of growing vegetables. I can't remember if it was long beans or kang kong.

It should be long beans since tiny shoots are growing out of the beans.

Next, we visited the school's museum which I haven't got to see during my last visit as it was during the school holidays.

Mr J is scanning through the first few hundred registered students from the first registration book of Ping Yi Secondary School.

This is the library of Ping Yi Secondary School. Apparently, it has won an award for its conducive learning environment and has been featured on newspapers on several occasions. I like how spacious the place is and the brightly coloured paintings sure are tasteful touches to keep the atmosphere lively.

And, I caught sight of this painting which I thought was really interesting.

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