Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Special Olympics Bazaar

On 3rd May 2009, I went to the Special Olympics (SO) Bazaar at the VIP car park of the national stadium. I got there at about 9.30am and there were loads of people!

There was a small crowd of people moving from one place to another, which I later found out was HRH Princess Azemah, gracing us with her presence, visiting every booth and interacting with the people. I managed to take a photo of her before moving on to other booths. The princess is the royal patron for Special Olympics Brunei.

I was more eager to learn about the Special Olympics now that I am somewhat closer to it. I used to hear bits and pieces about an Olympics specially for those with disabilities. The Special Olympics has a Young Athletes Program where youth with intellectual disabilities can partake in "developing physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and community." - Special Olympics, Brunei.

The Foodie bloggers' recipe book was an excellent idea initiated by Senor Pablo with the help of blogger friends, compiled a list of recipes offering a range from appetizers, main courses, snacks and desserts. It's such a great gift for our SSEAYP friends, I thought! So, I got one for C's mum.

This is Maw with a storm trooper.

BPY08 buying a few as gifts.

Magic show for the children

Coin posing with the poster

Coin showing children magic

Handmade cards for sale

Selling dvds and second-hand books

Selling handicrafts

Tiny aquariums are on sale too!

Knocking off a pillar of cans game

Some sort of joust

Bowling with coconuts, hahaha!

Horse riding

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