Thursday, 14 May 2009

A Little Art Gallery

We came across this tiny art gallery when we were in Orchard Road. We were heading towards the MRT station to get to Bugis to meet some friends.

There were models of houses on exhibition. On the walls were little stories of people and their homes.

Here it says "They like to look forward to this day of April when the moon is the brightest. Suba and Bala, born in India. They currently live in Singapore. Indian red and yellow ochre, these are the colours for their home."

Here it says," In this town, the people are friendly and good-natured. There is no racial disharmony. While it is summer, the temperature is 17c - 23c. Within the woods, where the waterfall is 1 metre away, lives a person (han) whose house is made of a natural materials. han 'something', born in Singapore. He currently lives in Singapore. "

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