Thursday, 14 May 2009

Pepper Lunch, Singapore

Here we are having lunch at Pepper Lunch, which is another interesting and great business idea! I am constantly being wowed by the clever business ideas that I see in Singapore. This tiny island is like a supernova! So small, yet the place is so volatile and explosive!

Pepper Lunch actually originated from Japan. And, the fast food franchise has branches located in Australia, Indonesia, China and Malaysia amongst other places. I think the most important ingredients in their steak dishes are the honey brown sauce and the special butter. Their products are simple. Heat the sizzling plate and neatly arranged the raw materials. To make it interesting, we leave it to the customers to cook their food. Pepper Lunch have to be sure to use beef with a reasonably good grade and well-tenderised. I enjoyed my meal, it was quick, simple and both very FUN and DELICIOUS!

I was so hungry, I ordered the cut steak with a fried egg. I kinda wanted the best of everything. I wanted the egg. I wanted the rice. And, I wanted the steak. But, if I order the one with egg, it won't come with rice. So, I had to choose and eventually, opted for the one with the egg. It was so yummy!!! I poured SO much brown sauce on to my plate and let the heated sauce cook the beef. Initially, I was put off by the raw beansprouts. But, if you have enough sauce poured over your plate and the contents nicely "stir-fried", the veggies become nicely cooked and took away all the raw taste. Oh, you see the brown cream on the steak? That's Pepper Lunch's special butter. You're supposed to mix them with the meat and the sauce. It was good!

This is the magnificient brown sauce I was talking about. There were two types but I love honey and down enough of it into my food.

We all wanted to have a bit of everything at Pepper Lunch.

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