Thursday, 14 May 2009

CHIJMES, Singapore

After staying at Bras Basah for a long while, we decided to have dinner. We had it at Breeks, in one of the buildings in some street. It's really difficult trying to keep up with all these names of shopping complexes in whichever streets, let alone where the outlets are! But, the SPYs do it so well! I know they live there but, knowing which shop is at which floor and which shopping complex in a city full of these?! They know which floors were National Geographic, Page One and Ben & Jerry's at Vivo City! It's just crazy!

I can't remember now if it was before or after dinner when we headed over to CHIJMES to have a peep. The area which was once the courtyard of a cathedral has now been turned into arrays of nice bistros and eateries as well as boutiques by the quieter alleys. Wedding ceremonies are still being performed at the cathedral though it is no longer a church. Suddenly, we have a bit of Europe in Singapore. It felt rather enchanting taking the atmosphere of the place in as dusk was turning into night.

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