Thursday, 14 May 2009

Rasa Sentosa Hotel

It was an exciting day for me for 10th May 2009 was the day when my cabin mate, OPP, got married! In the afternoon, CX picked and drove the LPYs and a MaPY to Sentosa for the occasion. TT has booked a room for a night of girlie fun.

SPYs and other PY visitors gathering in the room before the dinner banquet.

SPYs wore their A2 and they were ready with the party poppers while OPP and hubby were just about to walk in.

Sea-view Rasa Sentosa Hotel rooms caught by my misty lens.

Mr J stayed a little later to goof around with us before he had to go back to do some work. It was a hilarious night! We also get to spend some time with OPP when she came over for a chitchat and later learned about the setup!

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