Thursday, 14 May 2009

Walk from Bugis to Bras Basah

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1. Head west on Kampong Bugis 37 m
2. Turn right to stay on Kampong Bugis 0.2 km
3. Turn left at Kallang Rd 0.6 km
4. Continue on Victoria St 1.4 km
5. Turn left at Miller St 47 m
6. Slight left at Cashin St. Destination will be on the left

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I met TT and CT who coincidentally wanted to go to Bras Basah Book Complex. I've fallen in love with the place since I last visited it in January when Mr R brought me there. There is one artsy shop there with nice, fancy notebooks and many bookstores selling really old books as well as new. And, what's nice is, they've got lots of discounts, even the latest books! It's probably because TT knows the owner of one particular bookshop but still! Any discount means a lot to any book lovers. I love going through books by my favourite authors, and I even found many classics which were printed in the 1960s. I know too well to keep myself from overbuying because the pile of unread books is going reach the ceiling soon enough! I managed to control myself with just one book by Rudyard Kipling titled Puck of Pook's Hill and it was printed in 1967. I am so thrilled! I've been reading it on several occasions now, trying to squeeze time to finish it despite its thinness.

There is one particular bookshop which has several branches in the same building. The shop is so amazingly packed with books, not only are the books kept in shelves that touch both floor and ceiling, they've got piles blocking the shelved books! If you love books, you will find a wonderful experience spending a considerable amount of them there. It's a treasure cave of books!

I repeat, Bras Basah is a book heaven in Singapore which anyone who loves reading SHOULD go!

TT wanted us to walk along this street to go to Bras Basah so that I can see this beautifully restored vintage building.

One of the bookshops at Bras Basah. I can't remember the names of the shops because they do not matter anymore once you get there. You just want to go to ALL of them!

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Teadance said...

Thanks for sharing. Your picture makes me drooling... So many books! I'm going to Singapore next week, and I'll definitely visit Bras Basah.