Monday, 1 June 2009

A mystical Brunei at the Berakas Forest Reserve

With the long weekends that has been extended by the birthday of the Royal Armed Forces on 31st May 2009, some friends of mine organised a picnic at the Berakas Forest Reserve, which is situated near the beach.

We were given directions to an unfamiliar area of the beach where we caught ourselves in awe of the magnificent view. As we set our feet onto the sandy terrain, I couldn't help but noticed the red tape hanging from a tree branch that said "Do not enter". However, later during the afternoon, two joggers came along this side of the beach from the main area.

We parked at a lot of red and yellow stones. The place was quite a find as there were white chalked cliffs among the sandy ground which was covered with the coloured stones in places. I thought the place was amazing for I've not seen anything like this before in Brunei.

We saw people climbing up on the tiny, steep hill. The red stones made the secluded place more alienated, like of a different planet.

On closer look, the stones were of purple and ochred shades.

Shrubs, stones and beautiful white sand.

This was the area where we parked our car. There seemed to be previous development going on to the area with the nicely chiseled slope on one side. The entire area of a square was covered with these yellow and reddish stones.

Chalk structures among the greens

That's the road where we came in from. This area is located beyond the camping ground of the reserve.

Layers of the colour of iodine and purple. Why were these stones of these colour, while the others were the usual shade of greyish white? Is this natural or was chemical poured on them that it reacted with the weather to give such shades? I wish I know.

Hehe, got a volunteer to pose. We really should be wearing space suits to this place for an outrageous photo shoot.

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