Thursday, 21 May 2009

Vivo City, Singapore

Vivo City is the largest mall in Singapore. And, I have decided to ask TT and CT to bring me there because of this funny argument which V and C had during my previous visit when we were trying to help look for V's wedding shoes. V had wanted to go to Orchard but C suggested Vivo City. In the end, we went to Orchard and I had missed my visit there then.

One of the interesting things about parking storeys in Singapore is they are furnished with these parking sensors that help shoppers spot empty parking spaces from afar when the little lamps flash green. A green light indicates the parking spot is empty while the red light indicates otherwise.

We went to the National Geographic store and there was this amazing structure of a horse made out of wooden twigs.

If I remember reading the label correctly, this cabinet from China is made from a 1000-year old elm tree.

The store was a nice visit as it was not only selling National Geographic merchandise, they were showcases of antiques and paintings of beautiful places and scenes. I am so in love with their brown bags but my pocket was not big enough to have one owned.

I would have thought I'd stopped myself from buying after purchasing several books from the airport bookshop and one at Bras Basah. But, I was so wrong! I caught sight of a literature book on photography and bought it after much thought at Page One. The store has interesting aesthetics, such as the book shelves were designed slanting.

There is CT trying on a shoe which the mannequin was wearing while TT inspects the result.

After a heavy meal at Deli France at Sentosa, I found myself watery-mouthed when we saw Ben and Jerry's at Vivo City! Must have! And, must be chocolate!

These banners were hung by the edge of the mezzanine floors.

General view of Vivo City

And, there are massage chairs for tired shoppers to relax.

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