Thursday, 29 July 2010

Canada Trip Day 5: Ambleside Beach & Vietnamese Restaurant

17 June 2010 - We were passing by houses along the slope of Ambleside and was told that one of the band members of Nickelback lives here. The beach is covered with rocks, many blackened by horse clams sticking on them. What's interesting is finding rocks where horse clams, barnacles and sea weed were all stuck on them.

The beach was deserted when we visited. There was a pier beside the beach where people were fishing. Overlooking the pier is Lion's Gate Bridge, a suspension bridge between North Shore and Stanley Park.

It is simply wonderful to be surrounded by nature, yet be so near the city, which makes Vancouver a nice vacation destination. You have rivers, lakes, beaches, waterfalls, parks and mountains within 30 minutes drive from the city.

View of Cargo ship in Burrard Inlet from Ambleside Beach

Overlooking Vancouver Harbour, people are fishing at a pier

Sea gull trying to pick food from the plastic bag

My sister taking pictures of Burrard Inlet

Lion's Gate Bridge

Houses and residential building around 15St

Horse clam and black sea weed

Sea weed covered boulder


Horse clams and barnacles

Barnacles growing on horse clams

Beach covered with sea weed, horse clams and barnacles

Sea weed turning from green to black

Sea gull and the other one looks like a limpkin but I am not sure

Blackened sea shore

Hydrangeas flowers

This look like Eremophila Glabra Prostrate with green flowers but please correct me if I am wrong.

Our dinner at Pho Vinh Vietnamese Restaurant before we headed home.

Basil leaves and bean sprouts to go in the hot soup.

My pho noodles were excellent! I love Vietnamese Pho!

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