Saturday, 17 July 2010

Canada Trip Day 2: Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island

14 June 2010 - Butchart Gardens (and link here as well) is a definite must-see when visiting Vancouver Island. On 55 acres of land, the gardens feature flower, shrub and tree species of the most interesting appearance and colours in artistic arrangements. What is also interesting is learning how Butchart Gardens came to be starting from the Sunken Garden which used to be a quarry with later additions of the Japanese Garden, Italian Garden and Rose Garden, the history of which can be found here and here.

Signboard by the entrance

Souvenier shops

White rose

Red Fuchsia flower buds

Pinkish white fuchsia flower

A sneak peek of the Rose Garden, full of tall Delphinium flowers overshadowing the lower bushes of Rose plants

Marguerite flower

Walking down to the Sunken Garden

Stock (Matthiola) flowers in white, purple and pink

Flowers of frosty-looking plants

Pond at Sunken Garden

Mirror-image of trees and plants on the pond

Colourful trees by the pond at the Sunken Garden

Trees by the pond

Lawn surrounded by flowers and trees

Another of the many photos of the pond surrounded by trees of different colours at the Sunken Garden. I cannot help taking so many pictures while walking around the pond!

Ross Fountain located at one corner of Butchart Gardens

Ross Fountain surrounded by pine trees and small flowers

Small flowers by the side of Ross Fountain

Ross Fountain surrounded by high cliffs

People sitting or standing at the viewpoint to watch the fountain

Visitors admiring the view of the pond and its surrounding

The centre of Sunken Garden

Digitalis (Foxglove)

Closeup of Digitalis (Foxglove)

Glass building where the indoor carousal is

Indoor carousel named Rose Carousel

A totem pole

White Tree Peonies. There are many species of Peonies and you can click here or here to find out the different types.

Wilting Tree Peonies with cream petals that are bloody red at the inner ends

Different cultivar of Tree Peonies

Pink Tree Peonies (Paeonia Suffruticosa)

The bright pink makes me feel like its Chinese New Year

I love how the tree peonies are so brilliant in colours and the flowers are so huge and plentiful

Close-up of a different type of peony

Tree Peonies in a deeper shade of red

Another different species of Tree Peonies, maybe James Pillow or Virginia Mary?

Was trying to get the focus on this bee, which was hopping from one flower to the other but the point went to the other flower instead

Gardeners working

Stock (Matthiola) flowers all along the pavement

White poppy, a symbol of peace

White poppies with their buds

Wedgwood Blue Iris. Check out cultivars of Irises here.

Dark Purple Iris

Yellow and purple coloured iris (Gala Madrid Iris)

Purple Antirrhinum (Snapdragon)

Centuries-old pine tree

Heading towards the Rose Garden

Oriental Poppy

White stock flowers with delphiniums in the background

Delphinium flowers

Kousa Dogwood flowers

Kousa Dogwood tree

Three Sturgeon fountain

The Japanese Garden

Butchart Cove where boat tours ran

Interesting tree with branches sparsely spread apart and leaves clustered at the tip of each branch.

Japanese Rock (Zen) Garden

Moss-covered floor of the Japanese Garden

Birdhouses at the Japanese Garden

Trees, shrubs and pond from the Japanese Garden

Interesting-looking molds of bunches tree leaves from the Japanese Garden

Star Pond, a part of the Italian Garden

View of fountain and Plant identification building at the Italian Garden

Lotus flower on the pond

People enjoying ice cream on a sunny summer day

Child playing with bronze pig fountain

Floral showcase with waterfall

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