Friday, 23 July 2010

Canada Trip Day 3: Rickshaw Chinese Food, Richmond

15 June 2010 - Dim sum is extremely popular either among the Chinese in Surrey and Richmond, or among my family members. We were almost having dim sum everyday while we staying in Surrey. We would be driven to Richmond, about 20 - 30 minutes drive, where it is famous for Chinese food in the whole of Canada - directly quoted from my older cousin brother. You see mostly Chinese people in Richmond, and they all tend to speak Cantonese. In fact, Richmond feels more like Hong Kong than Canada or like a really big Chinatown of Canada.

While many people found it amazing, I, on the contrary, found it scary that the dim sum potions are huge! The "siew mai" dumplings are as big as golf balls! After a piece of "siew mai", "ha kau", "zhu cheong fan" and some stuffed glutinous rice ("lo ma kai"), I was already full. So, that limits my intake of other varieties of dim sum dishes.

Dim sum in Richmond is delicious! We went to several dim sum restaurants in the days to come and did find the food delicious, though we were getting a little dim-sum-sick. Imagine being extremely stuffed with dim sum dishes, each piece the size of a golf ball or some even bigger, for three times in a week. :)

Rickshaw Chinese Food Restaurant's neon signboard

Egg plant with fish cake stuffing

"Ha Kau" - Prawn dumpling

"Chi chiau" - chicken feet

"Lo Mai Kai" - Glutinous rice with meat stuffing

"Siew Mai" - Minced prawn and pork dumping

"Chi cheong fan" - Prawn or pork wrapped in rice flour roll, doused with special soy sauce

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