Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Canada Trip Day 1: The Summer Night Market in Richmond

13 June 2010 - The Summer Night Market is an annual event in Richmond where a vast empty plot of land is populated with food stalls, shops and game stalls, as well as a stage for holding games and performances. And, I think what's best about the Summer Night Market is the food! While it is moderately busy at the shops and game stalls, the food area is jammed-pack with people and we sort of have to spiral our way to move. I had the takoyaki (octopus balls), Korean fish-shaped wafers with red bean fillings and the cheddar cheese tornado potato chips! The chips are out of this world and cheddar cheese topping that goes with them completely rocks! Another thingI noticed, which was also pointed out by my cousin is, there are many Chinese people in Richmond. It is most likely in Richmond that Chinese are most populated in Canada.

Summer Night Market banner

Shop stalls

A food stall selling korean food and probably my favourite stall because of those delicious cheese tornado potato chips and red bean fish wafers

Other food stalls

Everyone loves the food here and in Richmond, you get many of the best Chinese restaurant in the whole of Canada, like real authentic Chinese food, not westernised (sweet and sour type) Chinese food.

Japanese food stall

Lady making Korean fish wafers with red bean filling

Korean guy putting ketchup topping on tornado chips

This is the real deal! Cheddar cheese topping on tornado chips! YUM!

Lots of Hong Kong style Chinese food here in Richmond, and they even have the dragon beard candy! Richmond is very Hong Kong.

At the back of the food stalls

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