Saturday, 24 July 2010

Canada Trip Day 4: Robson Street & Surrey's Home-cooked dinner

16 June 2010 - Our next stop was Robson Street, which is like Oxford Street of London. It's a long stretch of shops, popular ones like XXI, Sirens, Zara, Puma, Adidas, Aldo, La Chateau, along with other miscellaneous shops.

Generally, there are two types of taxes we pay for purchases but this depends on the shop or the province you are in. Click here (Sales taxes in Canada) and here (Goods and Services Tax (Canada)) and here (British Columbia Sales Taxes) to find out more. I would say things are generally priced reasonable with or without GST but with the additional PST (or HST), things are becoming pricier than I can afford.

Florist stall by Robson Street

Long stretch of shops along Robson Street

Vogue, a club in Robson Street

Some old buildings - Commodore Building - along Granville Street which is adjacent to Robson Street

Future Shop which sells all sorts of electronics and has many outlets all over Canada

This is us going up to Future Shop to get my sister's Canon G11 for CAN$429 (before GST & HST)

As we were walking past, we saw this and thought how cute! Are they candy apples like the ones my ex-flatmate loves to buy? They look like one and they are so delicately decorated.

And there's more! Candy apples of all flavours and design by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, a Canadian franchise.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Logo

People stopping by to look at the delicious and pretty candy apples

We stopped by for some cupcakes at Cupcakes

The interior deco is all fantasy-like with a Alice in Wonderland theme to it

Mini cupcakes on sale

Cupcakes on sale for the day

Alice in Wonderland deco as backdrop at the counter

Alice in Wonderland themed Cupcakes shop

Salmon Village

Salmon Village very own smoked salmon. Read their story here.

Packaged smoked salmon suitable for travel. Salmon Village's products are only sold at their shops and no other supermarket or store.

Frozen Salmon Products and Indian Candy ("Salmon Candy is a delicious and traditional Native Canadian treat. We take the Salmon and smoke it, we then marinate the salmon in 100% pure AAA grade maple syrup. We smoke it again and add black pepper to make it a unique taste of sweet and peppery hot. You have to try it to believe how truly tasty our home made Salmon Candy is!" -
Salmon Village)

Long escalator tunnel

Home-cooked dinner prepared by my aunt - Pork stew, long beans, fish, pumpkin soup and roast duck

My cousins and I all having funny conversations at the dinner table

My younger cousin brother playing WOW

This is us getting ready to play Little Big Planet in my younger brother's den.

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