Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Canada Trip Day 2: Peace Arch Provincial Park

14 June 2010 - Our last stop of the day was the Peach Arch Provincial Park, where the arch stands as a landmark of peace between Canada and USA. Dating back to the 1800s, this area might have been a war zone between Britain and USA until the Treaty of Ghent was signed.

I was pretty amazed at myself for not getting sick of parks and gardens since we were spending the whole day at either of the two sorts. Instead, I felt a sense of freedom, watching the flowers, fountains and oceans of lawn! Not having to worry about what is to be done next, of the emails that was piling in my inbox or about job security is a bliss to be had for a while.

There was an Indian couple in their traditional attire having their wedding pictures by a hired photographer. The beautiful weather (though still cold) and the summer flowers in full bloom would have accentuate the romance in the photos. Here I am thinking of that song "Love is in the air".

A board detailing the history of Peace Arch

A map of Peace Arch Provincial Park, showing it being shared between Canada and US

Peace Arch Park signboard

Coniferous cedar and other trees

Uncle, aunt and mum walking towards the arch

Peach Arch with the inscription "Brethen. Dwelling. Together. In. Unity". The Canada flag is hoisted on the Canadian side of the border while the US flag on the other side.

Floral arrangement of the flag of Canada on this side of the park and on the other side, the flag of USA

My sister attempting a jump shot

Under the arch, about to step into Washington, US

We are now in US. A board stating that the highway is a Blue Star Memorial Highway, a tribute to the Armed Forces that defended USA

Peace Arch beside Semiahmoo Bay

The arch looked as though it is being sheltered by the two tall trees

Portable washrooms

Fiery-coloured like firecrackers, Kniphofia (Tritoma, Red hot poker, Torch lily, Poker plant)

Red Salvia

Wild Lilac

Statue of standing dogs in blue robes that symbolise guardians

Sun rays penetrating through the clouds onto Semiahmoo Bay

Weeping Atlas Cedar

Garden in the park

Tree trunk of weeping cedar

Weeping cedar tree

Cars in queue at the Canada Custom and Immigration

Interesting car license plate

I love watching this. It's a pretty scene which makes me feel hopeful and corny as it may sound, I get these imagination of angels descending with the rays, a result of too much TV!

We had aunt's home cooking to enjoy for dinner and this! Raspberry Icecream cake! So very yummy!

Me and Leo. I now know a cat and a dog named Leo!

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