Friday, 23 July 2010

Canada Trip Day 4: Yaletown Ferry Dock, False Creek & English Bay

16 June 2010 - The Yaletown Ferry Dock is a nice place to visit. As we were driving towards the dock, we passed an array of glass buildings, which was pretty to watch with some sun shining on the smooth glass surfaces. The neighbourhood was not crowded as we walked to the marina area. As the dock was opened, we walked on the board walk to see the boats parked there. Looking back, the view of the marina with the surrounding glass buildings were pretty. The view of False Creek at the end of the board walk, where the ferry terminal is, was lovely as well.

Facing English Bay, the park and the beach was almost deserted, which was nice. Perhaps, it was still early in the morning at about 10am or the weather was still chilly for people to be hanging around the beach. There, I saw an Inukshuk for the first time. Since then, I was looking into souvenier shops for my perfect Inukshuk figurine. Inukshuks come in different shapes and sizes but this one that I saw looked like a man with arms stretched to the sides. They are piled up stones that natives (Inuit people) long time ago used for navigation or food storage. In Canada, inukshuks serve as cultural symbols of the Inuit people.

At the beach, logs are lined for beach-goers to lean on. In a way, the logs serve as space organisers to make room for more people at the beach, I think.

Looking at the aerial view of Yaletown and its neighbourhood, I imagine this to be a model city which many countries are hoping to achieve. The arrangements of residential, office and commercial buildings are neat with parks and the waterfront in the vicinity. Traffic is not congested and the area looks clean and safe. I feel like I'm in an architectural model of the town!

Signboard of Yaletown Ferry Dock and the boats

View of the boats at the Yaletown Ferry Dock

Sidewalk along the marina, surrounded by glass buildings

Still waters at the marina cast a reflection of the glass buildings. Was attempting a mirror image shot but couldn't fit them together.

View of Telus World of Science overlooking False Creek from Yaletown Ferry Dock

This was the biggest and most luxurious-looking yacht parked at the Yaletown Ferry Dock

Yachts and Glass Condominiums

Mirror reflection of glass apartments and condominiums in Yaletown, on the water

People strolling along sidewalk of False Creek

Some historical account of the Great Fire that almost destroyed Vancouver in 1886

A historical exhibition at the front of the Yaletown ferry dock

Reckless Bike Store, right in front of the Yale town Ferry Dock

Street leading to False Creek or English Bay

Inukshuk at English Bay

Stony on one side of English Bay

Moss or seaweed covered rocks

Lovely park area by the English Bay beach

Inukshuk in front of condominium buildings facing English Bay

Logs lined along the beach for people to lean on

Pile of logs along English Bay beach

Father and son on the beach of English Bay

Rowers at the English Bay

An interesting triangular shaped building across English Bay

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