Friday, 23 July 2010

Canada Trip Day 3: Pattullo Bridge, Metrotown, Ninkazu & Others

15 June 2010 - After dim sum at Rickshaw Chinese Food Restaurant, my uncle dropped us off at Metrotown (Metropolis At Metrotown), the largest mall in British Columbia, located in Burnaby. It is the third largest mall in Canada. It is there at Bluenotes that I found some adorable T-shirts to buy for my closest guy friends. At Sirens, I got J a lovely black and white skirt in zig-zag patterns. Some really pretty accessories for my girl friends were spotted at XXI. Shopping in Canada is generally fabulous. In every Canadian city, you'll find either malls or chains of shops selling popular labels of a variety of price ranges.

The sky train dropped us at the last station where we were picked up by my aunt. Back in the house, we were viewing old photos with my aunt and later, I was doing some wandering around in the house with my cousin as my guide. Somehow, our conversations led us to explore the crawl space of the house. The crawl space, as literally put, is a type of basement where you have to crawl to move about, with a height of about 2 feet or more. It has been used for storage and pipes are coming out of its ceiling and by the corner stood the water heater.

That night, my younger cousin brother brought us to Ninkazu Japanese Restaurant for a buffet dinner. I love all-you-can-eat Japanese buffet! It's my first time having one. I get to order as much shake sashimi as I wish and they are fresh from the Canadian waters. The Gyu Tataki (Raw beef slices served with garlic, spring onion and soy-flavoured sauce), which is like a Japanese version of Beef Carpacio, was delicious!

Pattullo Bridge connecting Surrey and New Westminster, carrying King George highway

View of Pattullo Bridge from the skytrain

Kid's playground at Metrotown

Stalls lining up hallway of Metrotown

Metrotown with arched glass roof

Taking the sky train

While waiting for our transport at King George Station

A typical-looking Canadian house

Me looking up from the crawl space

A ladder to get to the crawl space

The crawl space is supported by wooden beams and there are pipes jutting out here and there. I remember now, we were looking for Leo's bumblebee costume!

There! Leo in his bumblebee costume.

Here are some of the flowers grown in my aunt's garden in front of the house. Orange and Red lilies

Pink and orange snapdragon flowers

Bee on a yellow Hypericum Beanii flower. This is an interesting flower specie that has red buds that eventually become sepals of the flowers.

Another Canadian House with wooden fence

Going to Richmond on highway, passing vegetable and fruit farms and mountains.

Ninkazu Japanese Restaurant in Richmond. They have their Dinner Buffet Menu here online!

An assortment of sushis with my favourite shake sashimi and gyu tataki!

I think this was taken after Round 1 of all-you-can-eat Ninkazu Dinner Buffet. Hontoni Tsugoi! Ichiban!

Book-drop for book donations at the basement carpark of Superstore, Surrey

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