Friday, 23 July 2010

Canada Trip Day 4: Surrey Auto Mall, Ferrari Shop, Creekside Park

16 June 2010 - Today, my older cousin brother had taken time off to bring my sister and I around downtown Vancouver. After some home-cooked breakfast prepared by my aunt (she makes such delicious hash brown, we were soon circling around the North Surrey Auto Mall, where my younger cousin brother works. I was surprised to find how cheap cars are in Canada. But, the tax, apparently, does not come cheap.

We were scooting towards the city until my cousin brother made a turn at the Ferrari shop for me to have a better look at it. We stopped at Creekside Park for a few photos. The weather that day was nice though cloudy. It was still chilly for summer. My sister and I were both wearing sweaters. Perhaps, we were not accustomed to the Canadian summer weather just yet. The view of the city from the park was pretty. There, several displays of artwork that were made out recycled materials molded in the shape of a globe.

Indeed, Vancouver is the city of glass for the many pretty, tall glass buildings like those along False Creek. When we were driving around Yaletown, we see mostly, if not all, glass buildings.

Coming out of Auto Mall in Surrey

Driving towards Vancouver and houses on the mountain slopes

There is Alex-Fraser Bridge in front, though not a very good picture.

Going past Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Man washing a Maserati GranTurismo at the Ferrari shop

Creekside Park

Globe with land made out of sustainable materials and sustainable solutions in white ink.

In white, use of cork flooring instead of traditional wood flooring can save trees as cork can be extracted from the bark of cork tree without killing or chopping down the tree.

Telus World of Science (Science World) and glass buildings beside False Creek

"Conserve Water" artwork of a globe with taps installed all over it.

"Conserve Water" artwork's description

"Reuse" artwork of a globe made out of trash materials

"Reuse" artwork description

"Stop Unsolicited Mail" artwork of a globe made out of unsolicited mail

"Stop Unsolicited Mail" artwork description

Heading towards Yaletown

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