Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Phra Sumen (Sumeru) Fort, Khao San Road, Thailand

In Thailand, we stayed at the New Siam II Guesthouse in Khao San. Surprisingly, Singaporean bigR was the one bringing us around while Thai M and Bruneian me followed obediently to whichever streets he led us. The area was filled with activities. There were restaurants in every corner and we came upon a busy night market after dinner. Backpackers were just about everywhere! In the midst of wandering around streets, we came upon Star Bucks at the end of a narrow alley which was completely unexpected. And, that was the most interesting Star Bucks I've ever set foot on. It was as though I was suddenly brought back to Malacca as the building which housed Star Bucks was colonial and on the second floor were all these interesting paintings by the walls and nice wooden seats for you to relax on with coffee. And, contrary to the busy street outside, that floor offered a timeless, serene ambience.

Phra Sumen(Sumeru) Fort

We had dinner at an Indian restaurant just right across the fort. This was taken by bigR who is much confident of his photography skills. I admit, it was a really nice picture.

Meet team members of the Youth Development Group, Project Leader bigR

and Host Country Coordinator, M.

The Indian restaurant was crammed but, had two floors. We sat at tables that were big enough to fit as many people. I had a yummy curry chicken dish, which took longer because bigR mistook mine dish for his. So, I reordered. His green curry chicken never came.

After finishing up our work from lastnight and having finalised our project proposal, we had a quick breakfast at a restaurant along the street right outside the guest house.

This is bigR having honey yogurt which we all tried.

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