Sunday, 8 March 2009

Doing Turkish at Sheraton

On the 27th February 2009, in the company of J, Jn and Dn, we dined at the Sheraton with the abundance of savoury Turkish dishes. The selection was so many that I counted myself to be going to the buffet floor four times with the last visit to the dessert corner. The poached egg in yogurt and spinach in yogurt were great start for appetizers. Then came the stews; my favourites were the lamb one and the egg plant with minced meat. And, there was the grill and my pick above all in this category was the lamb skewers! I took two but could only finish one with Dn helping me with the other.

With good company and good food, Sheraton made sure we have the ultimate Turkish dinner with the entertainment of Turkish dances. I couldn't say how fulfilling the night truly was as guiltily I felt because I was supposed to be abstaining from meat on a friday of the Christian Lent season.

Interestingly, my knives were magnetically attracted to each other. I don't know how I came about knowing it but when I did, we all tried it with the other cutlery of everyone's and found only the two could pull each other together, so much so that I could lift the handle of one of the knives up by using the handle of the other knife.

This is Jn's helping. I was too busy with food to think about taking pictures. I had finished main course and was resting from the eating marathon when Jn planted himself in his seat. As he was about to take on his first bite, I was like... WAIT, I haven't gotten a picture of the food yet!!

My favourite dessert is the round, disk-like one. It's sweet and soggie but tastes like a biscuit. I like the other one in a roll too. It tastes like Chinese bun dipped in sweet syrup.

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