Saturday, 21 March 2009

Computer Science Students at Work

During the IAI training held in Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), I had my camera with me to cover for the event. Due to this, I took some photos of the students who are working on the robots for the Abu Robocon Competition to be held in Tokyo. Before they get to go to the competition, they have to compete and win in a national competition against the Jefri Bolkiah Technical school in August.

These guys have been working on the robots a few months back. Under the supervision of a lecturer who is a robotics enthusiast, they would come in anytime during lecture-free periods and on Fridays to work as our office space has now turn a corner and a cubicle into a makeshift robotics lab. As a testing environment, white tapes of grid were pasted on the carpet to gauge the robot's line-following performance and a ramp is in place for the test as well.

It is interesting to watch the students saw wood and metal, and drill screw holes into metal sheets to make parts that piece the robot together, throwing in the law of mathematics and physics to make things work

The green poster on the board is the floor plan of the competition where an autonomous robot is to work with a remotely-controlled robot to carry a third robot using a Japanese palaquin called a Kago. The trio are to overcome obstacles to get to the goal area where the third robot is to hit the three Victory drums there. The rules are found here.

Here is a student programming algorithms into the robot to give it its behaviour.

In another lab, final year students N and B were both stressing out on their final year projects and on preparation for an ASEAN ICT conference in Thailand on the use of ICT to promote ASEAN spirit.

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