Monday, 16 March 2009

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

On 14th March 2009, I headed home to collect my bags right after my tutorial class. It was another crazy day as I rushed home only to make my way to the airport for my flight to Thailand. I was going to meet a Thai Participating Youth and a Singapore Participating Youth 2008 to discuss and finalise our project which we had planned since SSEAYP last year. It was something we want to push beyond our Youth Development discussion group.

As the plane was getting ready for landing, there was Bangkok below me, immersed in thick fog which was untrained to my Bruneian eyes. I didn't think the airport would be THIS big! Later, I learned from a work colleague that the Suvarnabhumi Airport is the biggest airport in Asia.

The airport had tunnel like structures that seem to stretch endlessly.

And, the interior was a metallic version of a massive tent with glass panels that reach the ceilings.

When the plane landed, the Israel Airline plane stood right outside my window.

The airport is a framework of steel and glass holding every floors.

The cement beams support roads which are bridged by more steel structures to the airport building. Looking at all that steel, I thought of the Bird Nest Olympic stadium in China. I don't recall having seen so much steel in my entire life! The stairs to the departure gates were of steel too.

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