Friday, 20 March 2009

Chatuchak Market (Jatujak, JJ Market), Thailand

A bit of blogging here to take myself away from work. I've been working on the use of ADODB and PHP to access MySQL databases all day. Phew! I should be putting up a blog post on the training sessions Universiti Brunei Darussalam is conducting for the Ministry of Development but, I have yet to take some pictures of those training sessions.

Anyway, bigR managed to squeeze a trip to the JJ Market into our busy schedule in Thailand. This time round, I went to an entirely different part of JJ Market which I didn't cover during my Thailand homestay. We managed to get a few cool stuff with just about an hour and a half to spend here.

I tried taking photos with the camera resting on my stomach so as not to look conspiciously intrusive but the pictures ended up mostly blurry. Here's one of the favourite things I scout for when I travel, paintings! I got an A4-sized old world map instead.

M found a nice belt in this little store here and I thought I could sneak a shot from the corner of the store.

More street markets outside JJ Market as vendors lined their merchandise up to the stairs leading to the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). bigR bought a nice orange, wooden paintbrush holder for his marker pens. He wanted a green one but it didn't look as nice as the orange one.

From the Mo Chit station, we took the MRT to get to Novotel Hotel to meet Mr Chai, the Thai SSEAYP Alumni (ASSEAY, Association of the Ship for South East Asian Youth) to talk about our project.

Bangkok is just extremely crowded with people and busy everywhere.

Just a random photo of a parking lot next to the Mo Chit MRT station.

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