Thursday, 5 March 2009

Clarke Quay, Singapore

It was an early Sunday morning when bigR took me for a walk to Clarke Quay. The night scene from last night's walk had been the complete opposite of the serenity that is before me. The night life in Clarke Quay is busily thriving. At night, interesting contemporary art of all sorts can be seen from the different themes of each restaurant, bar and club. This is the Singapore's equivalent of Irish Temple Bar!

There was even a bar called The Clinic Bar which literally goes by that theme! Cosy hospital beds and wheel chairs replace the conventional couches. And, you drink from a IV drip bag!

Historical buildings painted in vibrant colours

Fusion of modern structures for shelters with the historical buildings.

Boats that go along Singapore River to clean the area.

Cruise boats on the Singapore River

The MICA building with its famously distinctive colourful shuttered windows was once a police station.

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