Friday, 6 March 2009

The Process of Publishing a Comic Strip, Singapore Philatelic Museum

At the Philatelic Museum, there was a room dedicated to comics. And, just along the corridor, a little section exhibited the process of publishing a comic strip. And, it goes...

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The script is first written up.

Breakdowns/thumbnails: Next scenes are drawn up. Each scene is called a panel and they are rough sketches of how the drawing goes with the script.

Breakdowns/thumbnails 2: Sometimes, the scene/panel may be replaced.

Pencilling adds lines and fills to different areas of the drawing to show textures, shadow or reflection. The 'x's represent solid fills and is used to save time.

Inking completes the pencilling process. 'X' marked areas are filled in, background is added wherever deem fit.

Colour guides, colours are filled in.

To enhance the colours, digital colouring followed next.

Lettering: The dialogue of each panel is filled in.

Before sending off to print, the document is converted to a PDF file with high resolution for good printing quality. This is called pre-press preparation.

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