Monday, 30 March 2009

The Evergreen Forests of Brunei Darussalam

It is hard to imagine all of this greenery would one day go away as scriptures and scientific journals have had it in their revelation chapters. And, to think that I am living in a civilisation in the midst of all its great biodiversity. Pretty amazing, don't you think? If you are interested in going on an adventure of forest-covered ceilings, check out this website.

When I first saw this picture, the Singapore Airlines (SIA) food menu booklet instantly flashed in my mind. The booklet cover was cleverly designed with bunches of broccoli and pieces of other veggies nicely arranged to look like a forest. And, this here is the bird's eye view of those broccoli bunches. And also, this here is our famous view of the canopy walk of the virgin Borneo rainforest.

Breathtaking view of the forest in ripples with the clouds

As precipitation took place, it didn't succeed in taking away the mystical beauty of the greens with its marshes and swamps.

The Pantai Seri Kenangan (Seri Kenangan Beach) is magically located on a long, narrow spit which separates the South China Sea and Tutong River.

Forests surrounding lakes of oceanus green

Lo and behold, Brunei in a perspective that I have never seen before.

Photos taken by a friend who wished not to be named.

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ardmad said...

I bet there are LOT of animals in there....Hopefully the government always have the 'preserve forest' in mind.

- ManDan