Sunday, 1 March 2009

Ping Yi Secondary School Orientation Day, Singapore

Yes, I am still on posts about my January trip to Singapore! And, I've got a few more to go! BigR had work to do that day, so I decided to follow him to check out how orientation day is for a Singaporean high school.

The event started with introductory session on the education system in Singapore, the LEAPS system with an objective to develop students to become responsible, well-rounded and dynamic. The approach is to develop students in the areas of academics, co-curricular activities and character-development programme. During intervals, there were performances conducted by the students.

Outside the auditorium in the school compounds, members of different CCA were busying away with preparations. Here are some of the clubs, societies and activities in Ping Yi Secondary School.

Camping Activities

The Army Cadet doing a march

Army cadet booth

The Basketball Club

The Floorball team members

There was much happening at the canteen area too. A library club member was folding balloons.

The English Language Drama Debate Society was doing some dance as shown in the next photo.

There had the entire orchestra of students playing angklung and other Indonesian traditional instruments.

Malay Traditional Musical Instruments

Students playing cricket

The Lion Dance Club

Girls performing Malay traditional dances

The Marching Band

Parents selling a variety of merchandise

The Tchoukball Club

The following are just random pictures of the children or people at the orientation

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