Friday, 13 August 2010

Canada Trip Day 8: Vancouver Intl Airport to Toronto Pearson Intl Airport

21 June 2010 - We were going on a trip about two weeks long to Ontario, Quebec and Alberta before returning back to Surrey. You know, I never thought Canada would be that big until I was booking a domestic flight from Vancouver to Toronto. The flight took 5 hours! We left Vancouver at 12:30 and arrived in Toronto at 19:53. The time difference between the two cities is 3 hours. I actually looked at train schedules for the two cities and it takes days to get from one city to the other! If I remember correctly, it takes about 4 days.

Taking domestic flights in Canada is extremely convenient. There is almost no queuing involved except for the scanning of hand carry items. For the first time in my life, I used the check-in kiosk. Upon typing in our booking number and confirming the seats and number of check-in baggage, the machine issues our check-in slips and bag tags. After tagging our bags, we let the airport staff verify our check-in slips with our ids before dropping our check-in baggage at the conveyor belt. Everything took about 10 minutes or less. If you have problems with the self-check-in, there is always an airport staff member to help you out. And another great thing is, you never have to wait for the gate number to appear on the information screen. No matter how early you get to the airport, you can check in any time and the gate number is always printed on your check-in slip. So, there's no waiting of counters to open or gate numbers to be issued. After about 10 minutes to settle your bags, you are ready to go have coffee and do shopping. I like this airport experience. It's efficient and hassle-free.

Self check-in kiosks

Verification of check-in slips with ids is done here

Baggage drop-off

Inuit Art Exhibit at gate area for domestic flights in Vancouver Intl Airport

Pizzas are served during our flight. My first pizza while flying!

View of agricultural area in Ontario

View of buildings in Toronto

Canada's Wonderland (official website) with Behemoth, a hyper coaster that is the tallest and fastest in Canada and Splash Works

Highway networks in an X, somewhere along Highway 407

White smoke of asterisk left by plane

At Toronto Pearson Intl Airport

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