Friday, 6 August 2010

Canada Trip Day 7: Grouse Mountain & Grey Wolf Habitat

19 June 2010 - Grouse Mountain is popular in Vancouver for its hiking trails in addition to other activities such as the skyride, lumberjack shows, eco-walks and helicopter tours.

Though we didn't ascend Grouse Mountain, nor go on the skyride, we walked around the cafe area where the skyride booths are and hiked a little along the trail before turning back. Apparently, the rides are charged for the trip from the base to the top. Hikers who ascend by foot can take the ride to come down free of charge.

The Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife has built a home for grey wolves that have retired from the movie industry. As they were raised by humans, they cannot be released into the wild. The habitat were double fenced-in for protection of both visitors and wolves. Thick lushes of grass covered the habitat. Initially, we took the trail right beside the parking lot to get to the habitat. However, the wolves were found resting at the far corner of the habitat. We later found another spot at one end of the parking lot where we could come face-to-face with these magnificent animals. Their fur, thick and white, made a beautiful contrast to the lush green of the vegetation. I can see why there were stars. As I watched them, I felt entranced by their grace, power and regality.

Grouse Mountain signboard

Grouse Mountain skyride

Skyride going up Grouse Mountain

A skyride station

Notice to hikers of Grouse Mountain

Entrance of Grouse Mountain hiking trail. You will see a concrete post for hikers who follow the Grouse Mountain's Grind Timer Program to time themselves, allowing monitoring of performance as well as your rank with other hikers.

Hikers walking along the hiking trail

My sister taking pictures of trees

I took a few of them tree pictures too

Some of the trails are made into steps

Nice poster of Grouse Mountain

Trail to grey wolves habitat

Double fences (one high and the other electric) protect the wolves within the habitat.

Huge sign that warns visitors not to feed the wolves

Grey wolf with beautiful white fur lying on green grass

Coming face-to-face with the grey wolf. He looks so beautiful!

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