Friday, 6 August 2010

Canada Trip Day 7: Capilano Reservoir & Cleveland Dam

19 June 2010 - The Capilano Reservoir Lake is a scenic visit of serene waters with the Lions Mountains in the background. Despite the thick cloud cover at the summit of the mountains, the view was nonetheless breath-taking. Roses and other flowers which lined the lakeside were blooming. The park was filled with families having picnics on mats or some people lying on sun-bathing beds or under parasols. Children were happily chasing each other in this promising, lovely summer weather.

Standing at the lakeside to take in the view of the lake and mountains was a wonderful experience. We walked along the lakeside towards the left where a stairway led us to a side view of the Cleveland Dam. Water was coming down in huge splashes, pouring into Capilano River. I found the view of the rocky cliffs along the dark green waters of Capilano River pretty.

A discussion group in session under a pine tree at Capilano River Regional Park

A family having a picnic and enjoying the view of the Lions Mountains and Capilano Reservoir Lake

Visitors taking pictures of the Capilano Reservoir Lake and Lions Mountains

View of Capilano Lake and Lions Mountains from the park

Reservoir's observatory lab

View of Capilano Reservoir Lake from Cleveland Dam

Walking towards the stairway to view the side of the dam

View of Cleveland Dam from a side

Capilano River and there's a cave

Closer view of the dark green waters of Capilano River and the cave

Reservoir's observatory lab on Capilano Lake

Water gushing violently out of the Cleveland Dam into Capilano River

Visitors looking down at Cleveland Dam from above the dam

View of Cleveland Dam from above

Pine covered rocky cliffs of the Capilano River

Plaque of Cleveland Dam on a gaudy white wall

Me in Nippon Maru shirt lying on the grass at the Capilano River Regional Park

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