Friday, 27 August 2010

Canada Trip Day 10: Casa Loma, Toronto

22 June 2010 - Casa Loma (Hill House in Spanish) is Canada's famous castle which once belonged to Sir Henry Mill Pellatt, a soldier and a business man. The reason behind the fame of this castle is due to the expense that went into building it (it took 300 workers three years to build and is still incomplete and cost about 3.5 million dollars, which is a lot of money back in the early 1900s) and it was a state-of-the-art residential building of its time. Personally, I still think it is today.

Why do I think the castle to be so marvelous? First, it was a castle built by a non-royal who relied on his capabilities. Sir Henry Pellatt, an inspiring individual, had invested in the hydroelectric power project which brought electricity to Toronto. And passing through each rooms, I found the technology that went into building it was amazing. Interesting switches and bathrooms equipped with both showers and tubs with heating systems. Antiques and furniture pieces of classy and authentic designs, not to mention the paintings as well, covered the rooms. Adding thrills to the buildings are high stairways to the tower of the building that grants us a spectacular hill view, a secret stairway leading to the upper floor and a tunnel that bring us to the stables and potting sheds.

While it is a touristy destination, a visit to Casa Loma is not to be missed. Besides its elaborate decor, luxurious furnishing and over-the-top facilities, the place holds a valuable and interesting history, one which is also rather sad but inspiring nonetheless.

Casa Loma with a garden and fountain at the front. Photo by Sakana

Front view of Casa Loma

Canada's largest Wurlitzer pipe organ placed on a podium by the glass windows

Great hall with high ceilings and the organ's pipes are built on the wall

Sir Henry's drawing room with elaborate French oak paneling. According to Wikipedia, it took 3 years to finishing the carvings. Photo by Sakana

A theatre showing the life of Sir Henry Pellatt. Photo by Sakana

Secret stairway to the upper floor. Photo by Sakana

Beautiful wood furniture at Sir Henry's Suite. Photo by Sakana

Check out the switches with separate on and off buttons. Photo by Sakana

Fireplace with beautiful metal firewood holder. Photo by Sakana

The most impressive bathroom and it was build in the 1900s!

It even has a bidet!

Bathroom walls covered with white carrara marble

Separate cubicles for the shower, bath tub and toilet

"The shower was structured to completely surround the body with spray, by using 6 taps that controlled 3 levels of pipes." - Casa Loma Floor 2 Virtual Tour

Pretty carvings on a lamp stand


Lady Pellatt's bedroom

The colour of the room is interesting and I like this white and Wedgewood blue dressing table

Lady Pellatt's suite

Long hallway with walls all covered in fine wood

Guest room with an authentic Chinese theme

Stairway to the top of the tower

Building's support beams

More stairs to climb to reach the top

Yet another flight of stairs. Photo by Sakana

View from the top of the tower

Parts of the castle still under construction or renovation. Photo by Sakana

Main stairway

Signboard to guide us to the stables. Photo by Sakana

Walking along tunnel to get to the stables

Garage with a red antique car

Stables and potting sheds

We waited here for the hop-on hop-off bus

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