Friday, 13 August 2010

Canada Trip Day 8: Honeybee Centre

20 June 2010 - We had planned to stay in to pack for our two weeks long trip around Canada but my uncle who was not on shift that morning could not have us sitting in the house doing that. So, he brought us to the Honeybee Centre, a beekeeping factory in Surrey. In addition to producing honey and honeybee products, they offer beekeeping services such as sales of beekeeping equipment, extraction of honey, honey filtering and bottling, hive inspections and educational services.

At the store, we saw shelves of jars containing different types of honey, honey of different flavours and honey jams. They sell honey sticks of different flavours, soaps and lotions made from honey or beewax, honey candles and wax, supplementary pills and other medicinal or wellbeing honey bee products.

By the side of the store is what looks to be a seminar room. At one corner is a glass container with frames of honeycombs, some of which are covered completely by bees. Learn more about honey extraction here.

Honeybee Centre

Photo of posters showing lifecycle of honeybees and man extracting honey

Flavoured honey sticks

Bees walking around the honeycomb with some cells covered with beewax

Bees covering an entire frame of honeycomb

Honey extractor which is spinned to fling the honey out, without destroying the honeycomb.

Bee hive for beekeeping

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